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Republic of Burundi


The Republic of Burundi

The impact of fragility and proliferation of illicit SALW on development and livelihoods has been dire.

Populations have been displaced, lives lost and key service delivery institutions disrupted.

What to Expect

For instance, the health and transport sectors are dilapidated while unemployment and desperation have contributed toward populations’ vulnerability to mobilization into armed criminal gangs further sustaining the vicious cycle of insecurity. Economic paralysis and political uncertainty have also contributed to increased poverty levels and significantly hampered foreign investments.


Burundi’s government in collaboration with regional and international actors have put in place a number of measures to address fragility and the proliferation of illicit SALW. These initiatives have , however, been reactive, piecemeal and so far largely ineffective.


In order to strengthen resilience, the following is recommended; strengthening of governance institutions, addressing proliferation of SALW, commitment to implementing comprehensive security sector reform, sensitization and awareness creation, provision of alternative livelihood interventions and post conflict reconstructions.

What to Expect

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